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 Nowadays there are a lot of firms that deal with tinting, safety, architectural and decorative window films.  “MARAT-COMP SRL”  is one of the leading companies in this field, being an exclusive distributor of a well known  manufacturer , offering consumers  an optimal assortment , a large range of colors and contrasts , competitive prices and quality of such window films producers like: SUN CONTROL, ARMOLAN, GLOBAL.

“MARAT-COMP” works in the market of window films since 2002.  During this time, our firm gained a big experience connected with distribution and usage of tinting and safety films, produced by high technologies, that correspond to the most modern esthetical and operational demands.  The company is the unique example of the fast development and growth that would be impossible without professional and talented staff. The “MARAT-COMP” SRL team is devoted to its deal and is focused on providing operational service on a high level.

The clients of the company “MARAT-COMP” SRL are major commercial and administrative structures, international and social organizations, and also private persons.

“MARAT-COMP” SRL offers its customers:

  • all kinds of window films (for cars and buildings) of such manufactures like: SUNCONTROL, ARMOLAN, GLOBAL;
  • a large range of films VINIL, Carbon 3D for cars;
  • permanent availability in stock of a large assortment of window films like: Sun Control, ARMOLAN, GLOBAL; 
  • regular sales promotion and discounts on goods;
  • teaching the technology of tinting;
  • all kinds of architecture, decorative and safety glass fixing;
  • production of double glass pane and leaded pane with tinting and safety window film;
  • professional center of windows tinting and putting of Carbon 3D film on cars;
  • the professionals of the company “MARAT-COMP” SRL put safety window films on the windows of offices and buildings;

 Confidence of the customers of the company “MARAT-COMP” SRL is based on the reputation, which we are proud of. 

The company guarantees its customers:

  • high level of service;
  • installation of professional window films;
  • fast and qualified performance of work of any complication;
  • long-term guarantee and minimal terms of filling an order;

For the moment the production offered by “MARAT-COMP” SRL gained popularity among Moldavian customers and conquers its place in the market outlet. Forming up of a clear regional strategy of sales, skilful and highly qualified staff  of our company lets us keep leading positions in the market and quickly increase sales volume, provide customers with a high-level  service.